Clinical Nutritionist - Health Practitioner


Robin Manning Ph.D

Track List:

  • Introduction
  • Relaxation
  • Stress-Free Surgery
  • Speedy Recovery

Dr. Robin Manning, an Alternative Medical practitioner, is a national recognized expert in clinical nutrition and mind-body interactions. Her experience and research, including 15 years in nursing, fueled her passion to create this guided imagery CD.

The overall experience and outcome of surgery can be enhanced when the patient takes an active role to impact their healing and recovery. The stress of a diagnosis, an illness or injury, the impending surgery and the recovery process all can have a significant impact on the patient's physical, psychological and social state. From the time a decision is made to have an operation until the recovery is complete, there are major physical and psychological processes that can either enhance or impede healing and recovery.

To gain the full benefits of this CD (instructions are on Track 1)

  1. 4 - 7 days prior to surgery, listen to Track 2, -"Relaxation"
  2. The day before your procedure listen to Track 3- " Stress-Free Surgery"
  3.  Track 4- "Speedy Recovery" can be listened to in the recovery room and daily until your body is healed. 
Guided Imagery for Reducing
the Stress and Pain of Surgery

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Reducing Stress and Pain of Surgery

Guided Imagery CD