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"For 9 years, my body would start to itch around 9 p.m. every night. My primary care physician and allergist had no explanation for it. After my first visit with Dr. Manning, she told me I was gluten intolerant and should not eat foods containing wheat because my body wasn't processing it. Low and behold, the itchy symptoms ceased! It was an answer to my prayers! Thank you Dr. Robin!!" 

- Mrs. Mezzano, Carson City, NV

"Years of IBS pain and suffering were cleared up within days. Not to mention the expensive medications and the side effects from them." 

- Dr. Crandall, Buffalo, NY

"Menopausal hormonal imbalances plagued me for years, I had no energy and couldn't lose weight. I was a hard sell, but finally went for it. After seeing such a change in their hard headed mom, my harder headed kids started going to Dr. Manning too!" 

- L. Mueller, Carson City, NV

"I had severe foot pain for seven years. Three operations later, I still experienced much pain. After just two sessions with Dr. Manning, I have been pain free." 

- D. Sizemore, S. Lake Tahoe, CA

"I was unable to conceive for two years. After four months on Dr. Manning's fertility program I became pregnant. We're now proud parents of a beautiful son." 

- Marnie Stark, Plain City, UT

"I heard about EFT and found Dr. Manning online. After a couple of sessions, I was able to get past the gut-wrenching crippling stage of anger and begin living a happy life, once again." 

- L. Clark, Maui, Hawaii

"Our dog had nose cancer and sarcoma. A year ago, she was given two months to live. Once Dr.Manning worked with her, the tumor shrunk, her breathing improved, and she is able to enjoy her life with us." 

- Julie Vallee, Zephyr Cove, NV

"Facial paralysis and migraines were taking my life. Medication aggravated the symptoms. With Dr. Manning's brilliance and experience, I have remained symptom-free for years. As a bonus my back pain was relieved after 15 years!"

 - Don Whitehead, S. Lake Tahoe, C

"I suffered for years with anxiety, low self-esteem, digestion and immune problems. Dr. Robin ran some labs from Diagnostechs plus her ability to ask the right questions, revealing what I needed to do to correct ALL of my symptoms. After 3 months or less, I am symptom free!" 

- Julie M. from Coleville, California

"I had anxiety and fear about having a hysterectomy so I listened to Dr. James' Preparation for Surgery CD. Went in calm and ready."

- Karen, Carson City, NV

"For 10 years, I was burdened by fatigue, hot flashes, cold sweats, palpitations, loss of memory, forgetfulness, bloating/gas, constipation, bruising, shortness of breath, sugar cravings, itchy skin, weight gain, irritability, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor circulation and numbness. The tests that Dr. James conducted were superior to all the routine tests I have ever had throughout the years from numerous medical doctors. Within a week, she determined that I had gluten sensitivity, metabolism issues, hormonal imbalances, under-active adrenal glands and mineral deficiencies. She put me on her supplement protocol and within one year, I am pain free, itch free, gluten free, 20 lbs. lighter and able to enjoy life again! God bless, Dr. James!" 

- L. Tarulli, Carson City, NV

3 years ago I found Dr Manning, who became for me, a person whom I can totally trust and rely on to help me with my health (high blood pressure) skin rashes, allergies, sugar cravings, aging concern, etc....  With her knowledge and understanding of the standard Process products as well as emotional tools (EFT), meditation she uses to bring about better health in her clients, she has helped me come into and pass my 75th year - feeling healthier, happier and more alive with less pain and depression and then I felt in several years.  I can even jump again! I wish to live another 20 or 30 years and I feel I can that with Dr. Robin’s guidance and care.  Thank you Dr. Robin for all you do for us, your clients and fellow humans.  Sincerely with love

- Donna Crowell, Dayton, Nevada

Dear Dr. Manning

When I brought my Puppy, Savana to you, i had been to herVet who told me she had Cushings disease and would continue to go bald and progressively succumb to all the symptoms associated with Cushings and even eventually die from it. Then I somehow found you. Her acid reflux was so bad she couldn't keep her meals down. Upon the first visit with you, within 24 hours her acid reflux disappeared and now just one month later, she is regrowing hair over the bald spots and has so much happy energy. Her teeth have gone from very yellow to white. Wow, what a difference. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your incredible knowledge and supplements


Heather Carson City, Nevada

Robin Manning Ph.D

Clinical Nutritionist - Health Practitioner